The activity aims to realize Uncle Ho’s teachings on planting trees at the beginning of a year.

Over the past years, thanks to sufficient source of fresh water, trees, fruits and vegetables on the islands which are cared for by the cadres, soldiers and people develop well.

The followings are photos illustrating the tree planting on Spratly islands:
Cadres and soldiers on Sinh Ton island start tree planting festival.

Children also join tree planting.

The main planted trees are casuarinas and barringtonia asiatica.

Casuarinas are suitable for the weather conditions on the island because of its good growth and ability to protect the islands from wind and sand.

Planting and caring for the trees help bring shade to the islands.

Young barringtonia asiatica are taken from mature ones.

It often rains on Spratly Islands this season, creating favourable conditions for the growth of the trees.

Planting trees in the beginning of the year has become a broad movement on the islands.

Planting more trees to make the islands greener

Children play under the shadow of the trees.

Trees which have been planted for many years have become ancient trees.
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