People in Tra Vinh province clean up the environment. (Photo:
Under the resolution, by 2020, the province is striving to have 100% of active industrial zones equipped with concentrated waste water treatment systems; 100% of hospitals, medical centres and newly-invested industrial zones having concentrated waste water treatment systems before being put into operation; 70% of daily waste water from Tra Vinh city and Duyen Hai town being collected and treated; and 70% of daily waste being treated, recycled and reused. 

To realise the target, the province will encourage communities to join hands in protecting the environment.

Investment attraction will have to meet requirements on environmental protection, with no license granted to industries using backward technologies with a high risk of causing environmental pollution.

Meanwhile, the province will increase inspection over the implementation of environmental protection laws, closely inspecting the release, collection, transport and treatment of waste, and strictly punishing violators.

Industrial zones, before being put into operation, have to build environmental treatment facilities while new residential urban areas have to develop waste water collection and treatment systems.

Projects belonging to the Duyen Hai Power Centre are under special inspection, with automobile environmental monitoring systems active around factories./.

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