The project will be implemented over five years in Ho Chi Minh City with non-refundable ODA of USD2.1 million from USAID.

The project will strengthen community-based HIV/AIDS prevention services to support sustainable national HIV/AIDS prevention. The specific target of the project is to provide HIV/AIDS services based on the community for men having sex with men and people living with HIV in Ho Chi Minh City, contributing to implement the goal of "90-90-90"; strengthening human resources and organization capacity for community-based organizations, which are providing HIV/AIDS services in Ho Chi Minh City.

It also helps to strengthen policy advocacy capacity for community-based organizations operating in the field of HIV/AIDS.

To contribute to reach the goal of "90-90-90" in five years, the project will reach more than 48,200 arrivals of men having sex with men in Ho Chi Minh City through community-based organizations, about 43,469 people (90%) would be sent to HIV-testing facility to confirm their status.

Besides, the project is expected to reach about 3,633 people living with HIV from other facilities, or living in the community in Ho Chi Minh City to access treatment facilities. 

During the project, about 38,337 prostitutes and drug injectors in Ho Chi Minh City indirectly benefiting through community-based organizations will be trained to improve technical capacity and development, organization intensification by the Centre for Improving Quality of Life (lIFE).

Target of 90-90-90 aims that by 2020 90% of people know their HIV status, 90% of people diagnosed HIV infection will be continuously treated with ARV therapy and more than 90% of them control their low and stable virus quantity. /.