This course will enable mid-level managers, both men and women, from targeted partner organizations and other key stakeholders to promote gender equality initiatives in their programs.

Australia supports Vietnam in achieving the objectives of its National Strategy on Gender Equality 2011-2020, focusing on women’s leadership, economic power, and safety.

“When implemented by participants, the skills and techniques being shared will enhance Vietnam’s progress towards gender equality and contribute to the socio-economic benefits that increased engagement by women in the economy can bring”, said Ms Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, President of Vietnam Women’s Union.

Photo: Australian Embassy Hanoi
There are two ways for Australia’s support to Vietnam in gender equality. Firstly, in 2016, the Australian Embassy launched its own Gender Equality Strategy for Vietnam. This ambitious Whole-of-Government approach mandates that every Australian government agency in Vietnam promotes and reports on its gender equality work within Vietnam. Secondly, Australia is committed to ensuring that women substantively benefit from all Aus4Vietnam aid investments, irrespective of their sector.

“The Government of Australia sees working towards gender equality and women’s empowerment as a critical part of our ongoing partnership with Vietnam. The social and economic benefits of women realizing their full potential are considerable and more inclusive economic growth is good for everyone. This is particularly the case for Vietnam - a regional leader in women’s workforce participation and educational attainment”, said Mr Craig Chittick, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam.

After the six-day pre-core workshop in Vietnam, participants will enjoy two weeks in Australia for intensive training. Apart from learning about contemporary methods and techniques for effectively integrating gender equality considerations throughout the program management cycle, and reflect upon the gendered systems in which they live and work, they will implement their new knowledge and experience about integrating gender equality into their programs upon their return./.