Some European countries are considering receiving Vietnamese laborers. (Photo: VGP)

According to Head of the department Tong Hai Nam, urbanization and aging population in European countries cause a lack of laborers. Therefore, some European countries are considering receiving Vietnamese laborers.

“MOLISA is expected to sign a deal receiving Vietnamese skilled laborers working in 12-13 industries in Germany,” he said, adding that if the deal is successful, Germany will become a gate for Vietnam to send laborers to Europe.

Besides Germany, in 2019, Romania is one of European labor markets receiving increasing number of Vietnamese laborers, with over 3,400 in 2019 against 300-400 in previous years.

Some European markets like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are also in need of Vietnamese laborers.

The year 2019 is the 6th successive year the number of Vietnamese laborers going to work abroad exceeding 100,000 per year and the 4th successive year the number exceeding 120,000.

MOLISA targets to send 130,000 laborers to work abroad in 2020, focusing on the markets that provide high income./.

Compiled by BTA