AO victims (Photo:
Under the program, 50,000 hectares of land are expected to be treated for reducing the rate of bomb and mine polluted land to below 15%; 35% of dioxin polluted land at Bien Hoa airport will be completely treated, while the country is striving to increase the ability in mastering technologies in treating bombs, mines and toxic chemicals remaining after the war.

Additionally, 100% of resistance war activists and their children exposed of toxic chemical and dioxin will be re-checked for identifying what State policies they can enjoy. Meanwhile, dissemination of information and international cooperation will be increased to mobilize resources for overcoming the consequences of bombs, mines and toxic chemicals left by the war.

Pilot treatment programs will be carried out to seek advanced, effective and suitable technologies, thus mastering technologies in treating toxic chemicals/dioxin and hazardous industrial waste; realizing the project on treating environments polluted by the toxic chemical/dioxin at Bien Hoa airport.

Localities’ capacity in assisting victims of bombs, mines and AO; and in upgrading facilities, will be increased./.

Compiled by BTA