Photo for illustration (Source: VTV)
The information was announced by Nguyen Gia Liem, Deputy Head of the Overseas Laborer Management Department under the Ministry of Labor, War-Invalids and Social Affairs.

According to Mr. Liem, Vietnam plans to send 120,000 laborers abroad, with most going to the Japanese, Korean, China’s Taiwanese, Romanian and Bulgarian markets.

“The number of Vietnamese workers in foreign markets increases year by year; however, they need higher and higher quality of laborers, which requires well-trained ones and capable in other skills,” he added.

Department informed that each Vietnamese can save USD700-8,000 each month in China’s Taiwan; some 1,500 USD in Japan; USD1,300 -1,500 in the RoK.

There are currently some 580,000 Vietnamese laborers in foreign markets, with some 100,000 sent abroad each year.

Over 142,800 laborers went to work abroad in 2018, marking the 5th successive year the number of guest workers exceeded 100,000./.

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