Labourers take a Korean language exam on computers (Photo: Dolab)
According to the memorandum of understanding between MOLISA and the RoK Ministry of Employment and Labor on sending Vietnamese labourers to the RoK under the EPS, the exam on the Korean language this year for work in production and manufacturing, construction and fisheries this year will be consucted on computers.

Apart from Korean language ability, the labourers’ skills, physical health and working experience will also be considered during the selection for 1,000 labourers in the production and manufacturing sector; 300 in the construction sector; and 2,600 in the fisheries sector.

The evaluations on Korean language and labourers’ skills will take place from July to November, depending on the sectors they choose.

Statistics from MOLISA showed that in 2018, over 142,800 Vietnamese labourers were sent to work abroad, and the RoK was the 3rd largest labour market for Vietnamese labourers last year (6,538 labourers), after Japan (68,737) and China’s Taiwan (60,369)./.

Compiled by BTA