Diverse dumping grounds that cause environmental pollution to be dealt with (Photo: PLO)

Accordingly, the program will be carried out across the country reporting projects and sites causing serious environmental pollution, as well as locations affected by chemicals which cause serious and extremely serious pollution, causing bad influence on people’s health and national socio-economic development.

At public places with remaining plant protective chemicals, and waste water in urban areas, the program is expected to help prevent environmental pollution to ensure communities’ health and contribute to the nation’s sustainable development.

By 2020, the environmental pollution will be treated in 30 dumping grounds while plant protective chemicals and their packaging at 70 locations will be collected and destroyed.

Notably, it will invest three wastewater treatment projects in urban areas (upper Class IV), direct connecting to basin of the Nhue - Day rivers, Cau river, and Dong Nai river system./.

Compiled by BTA