Youth union members present face shield to a small trader (Photo:

The face shields are made from mica, elastic, tape and snap buttons.

"The youth union members learn how to make the face shield from clips on youtube. As a result, 260 face shields have been made to present to small traders, COVID-19 control force members and health workers at the health centre,” said Mr. Do Van Thanh, Secretary of An Khe ward's Youth Union.

According to Mr. Thanh, during the time of social isolation, the market is a crowded place. Small traders in the market often have to interact and talk with a lot of people, so the face shield will help them limit the risk of COVID-19 infection.

The youth union of An Khe ward has also strengthened communications, reminding small traders to actively wash their hands and wear face masks when doing business at the market.

In addition, the youth union has also presented 500 face masks to militia and self-defense forces, police and COVID-19 epidemic control force members in the locality./.