Footballers are set to play in four groups, including Group A (VOV, National Times newspaper, Public Security newspaper, and Family and Society newspaper), Group B (Pioneer newspaper, Vinh Phuc-origin reporters in Hanoi, Dan Tri newspaper, and Education and Times newspaper), Group C (Vietnam Law newspaper, Labor newspaper, Current Affairs reporters, and Humanity and Life newspaper), and Group D (People’s Army Newspaper, VTC, Law and Society newspaper and Banking Times newspaper).

VND50 million prize in cash will come to winner, while runners-up will get VND30 million and VND15 million, respectively.

The qualifying round in Hanoi region is scheduled from May 19th - 26th at Hanoi-based Sports Competing and Training Centre, with 16 teams in four groups, seeing the best three advance to the final.

Next, from May 26th - 28th, eight teams from each region will play in Ho Chi Minh city (Southern region - one slot), Vinh city (Central region - two slots), and Can Tho city (Southwest region - one slot), for their places in the final round in Nghe An province’s Vinh city from June 7th -10th.

After three consecutive years, the tour has become an exciting time for mass media workers nationwide to exchange and practice physical/mental heath./.