After having a 2-6 lost to Russia (June 22nd), and a 4-0 win over the host China (June 23rd), the Vietnamese players under head coach Miguel Rodrigo demonstrated their strong determination to New Zealand rivals in the last game of the 5th edition of the Eagle Agricultural Cup lasting from June 22nd-24th, at the Changsha University of Science & Technology.

In the first half, players Thanh Tin, Quang Toan, Van Tien and Ngoc Linh scored 4 goals while in the second half, Quang Toan (once again), Dac Huy and Anh Tai finalized the 7-0 victory for the nation.

The team finished the tour with 6 points (after Russia with 7 points), following by China (3 points) and New Zealand (0 point).

The top scorer was Quang Toan of Vietnam with three goals./.