January: The U23 national squad is to play for the final round of Asia U23 championships in China from January 9th-27th. Rivals for students of head coach Park Hang Seo are “giants” Australia, the Republic of Korea and Syria, so there is little chance for our players to enter the knock-out round.

February: The Vietnam national futsal team will compete at the Asia futsal championships from February 1st-11th at Taipei, China. Head coach Miguel Rodrigo and his students will face rivals from host Chinese Taipei, Malaysia and Bahrain. Experts said that the “most comfortable Group” paves the way for Vietnam to qualify for the quarter-final round.

March: V-League 2018 is to kick off by new mechanism of VPF, as well as new sponsor. However, the name of new sponsor has not been finalized.

The Congress of the local governing body - VFF (term VIII) is expected to bring new impetus for the domestic football community.

April: The nation enters the final round of Asia women’s championships in Jordan from April 6th-20th. The upcoming event is considered as the qualifying round for the 8th edition of 2019 FIFA women's World Cup, the quadrennial international women's football championship contested by the national teams of the member associations of FIFA between June 7th and July 7th. The best two teams in Group A and Group B, and the winner in the play-off match between the two third place teams. However, there is little chance for Vietnam as it comprised with “strong ones” Japan, Australia and the Republic of Korea.

In March 2015, France won the right to host the event; the first time the country will host the tournament, and the third time Europe will. Matches are planned for eleven cities across France. The current format of the tournament is 24 competing teams, including the host nation. The defending champions are the US.

August: The U23 national men’s and national women’s squads will play in Asiad 2018 which is scheduled to take place in Jakarta and Palembang cities of Indonesia, from August 18th to September 2nd. Four years ago, the U23 national team by head coach Miura created an “earthquake” by a 4-1 victory over Olympic Iran rivals, then qualified the knock-out.

October: The U19 national squad to compete for Asia championships in Indonesia. The drawing event has not been organized, however, Vietnam is likely to enjoy favour by being seeded No.1 in Group. Earlier, it entered the final round of World Cup U20.

November and December: AFF Cup 2018 from November 8th-December 15th is the most important event for the national men’s squad. As many as 10 teams will compete instead of 8.

They are in two groups, no neutral stadium, playing for the hosting and the visiting grounds. In the qualifying round, each team has two matches on the hosting and two others on the visiting, drawing randomly. While in the quarter finals, pairs will play their first leg and second leg module as usual./.