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As planned, in 2020, the two sides will work together to open 8 weekly routes between Vietnam and Russia, linking Russia’s Moscow, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg cities with Vietnam’s Nha Trang and Phu Quoc – the country’s two most popular tourism sites at present. 

Vinpearl Travel Russia will open its office in Moscow March 3rd to introduce its first high-class tourism package in the Russian market, which include flights, resort services, recreation and insurance. 

VNA becomes Vinpearl’s aviation partner. Vinpearl sets a target to run 168 flights serving over 50,000 Russian tourists to Vietnam in the first year after the debut of the office and service package. The first route in the cooperation, which is between Moscow and Nha Trang, will start from March 12th with a frequency of two flights per week. 

Similar plans are being carried out by Vinpearl to win 4 other strategic markets: Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea and China. The potential markets in Europe, North America and India will also be exploited this year./.

Compiled by BTA