The Muong Xia festival. (Photo: Thanh Hoa News) 

Quan Son is a western district in Thanh Hoa province with Na Meo international border gate which handles a good trade with Laos. It has majestic mountains overlapping with many famous landscapes and historical-cultural relics.

Taking the tour, tourists will have the chance to visit a spring fair; survey Ngam village community tourism area; experience rafting, fish catching on Luong river; join cultural exchange, camp fire at Ngam village in Son Dien commune, Quan Son district; and participate in Muong Xia festival.

In addition, tourists also surveyed tourist sites and spots in Viang Xai and joined cultural exchanges and national costumes contest of young women and attended highland market at Na Meo international border gate.

These activities aim to promote and introduce tourism of Quan Son and Viang Xai; and strengthen links with travel companies to design tours and routes to attract and welcome domestic and international tourists and open opportunities to attract investment and develop destinations./.