Traditional egg coffee or ca phe trung in Hanoi. (Photo:

Ranked at 2nd, the magazine described Hanoi’s compact old center as the place to sample the balance of salty, sweet, sour and spicy flavours in Vietnamese cuisine.

Telegraph advised travelers to try street dishes like pho tiu noodles with sweet and sour soup, pork and fish sauce; banh mi, a baguette filled with pate, cucumber, herbs, crispy onion and chilli; and com tam, broken rice with grilled pork, pork skin, egg and fish sauce.

Cuisine lovers were recommended to taste traditional egg coffee or ca phe trung, a blend of coffee and egg whites, folded with sugar, drunk hot or cold.

Tokyo (Japan) topped the list as it was introduced with sushi, tonkatsu pork cutlets, unagi eel, okonomiyaki pancakes and tofu. 

The remaining cities that made the list are London (the UK), Jaipur (India), New York (the US), Mendoza (Argentina), Bologna (Italy), Lyon (France), New Orleans (the US), Bangkok (Thailand), Barcelona (Spain), Singapore, Copenhagen (Denmark), Lima (Peru), Fez (Morocco), Chengdu (China) and San Sebastian (Spain)./.