The Ly Son island. (Photo: VNA)

Aiming to better serve the tourists, the management board mobilized eight high-speed ships from Sa Ky to Ly Son and vice versa. Each day, about 20-23 ships will be operated, carrying about 150 passengers per trip.

The schedule starts from 7h30 for the first trip and ends at 15h30 for the last trip.

Ms. Pham Thi Huong, Deputy Chairwoman of the Ly Son district People’s Committee, said this is a long vacation, thus visitors will stay for a long time. The district has asked the transport sector to coordinate with the local authorities and relevant units to safely operate passenger transport routes from Sa Ky to Ly Son and vice versa, and from the Big Island to Small Island.  

At the same time, business establishments such as motels, hotels, restaurants were required to list service prices./.