A corner of the Ca Mau cape

The plan will focus on attracting popular tourists mainly coming for sightseeing in the short term, expanding to recreation tourism by 2025, and prioritizing high-end tourists by 2030.

Specifically, for the domestic market, Ca Mau will continue focusing on visitors from Ho Chi Minh city and other localities in the Southeast, Hanoi, Northern provinces and the Mekong Delta, and expand the market to the central and Central Highlands.

For foreign markets, priority will be given to target markets such as the US, Australia, and northeastern Asian markets (the Republic of Korea, China, and Japan). In addition, expanded markets include Western Europe (the UK, France) and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos and Cambodia). 

By 2025, the tourism area strives to greet 1 million tourists, including 6,000 foreign tourists, grossing a revenue of about VND2 trillion. By 2030, it looks to welcome 2 million tourists, including 22,000 foreigners, grossing a turnover of VND5 trillion. 

The accommodation system is expected to have 950 rooms by 2025 and 2,000 rooms by 2030. The number of rooms is not just the usual rooms from homestays as currently, but also bungalows or high-end villas./.