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The code of conduct is presented in 16 pages and includes well-behaved manners of tourists, travel businesses, hotels, tourist guides, sellers and community residents.

For tourists, the code of conduct is expressed through 20 acts such as queuing in order, appropriate clothing, respecting cultural differences, and proper waste disposal. Meanwhile, buying goods with unknown origin and using wildlife products are considered incorrect behaviors.

The Ministry also called upon travelers to support locally-made products and souvenirs.

For service providers, hotels, transporters and sellers; the same rules are regulated, featuring not disturbing holidaymakers, ripping them off, overcharging, or selling products with substandard quality or dubious origins to them, and not usurping existing trademarks.

Recently, there have been many reflections on tourists behaving inappropriately when they travel. For example, they lack modest dress or make inappropriate noise when visiting pagodas. Some localities like Ho Chi Minh city, Binh Thuan and Da Nang issued codes of conduct to help travelers behave properly.

On a national scale, this is the first time the ministry has issued a code of conduct for tourists, businesses and the community./.