The Phuoc Tich ancient village

The Phuoc Tich ancient village has been famous for pottery making for more than 500 years, and centuries old house system with very peaceful space.

About 45 kilometers north from the center of Hue city, the ancient village is visited by many tourists.

The spatial structure of this ancient village is considered typical for the Vietnamese rural residence model in the North Central region. Specifically, it is an open structure with garden houses. Lost in this ancient village, visitors feel peaceful with quietness, green space, and no longer entangled with life.

In addition to learning about the history of the pottery village, visitors have chances to personally make unique ceramic products.

Phuoc Tich also has a Vietnamese heritage tree, the diospyros decandra tree, which grew naturally before the establishment of Phuoc Tich village, now aged more than 545 years.

As known, Duong Lam, in Son Tay town, Hanoi, is the first-recognized ancient village in Vietnam. It has a history of about 1,200 years with many houses dating back up to 400 years./.