A representative of a tourism company is exchanging with a customer (Photo: vtv.vn)  

This is the only official and unique trade and tourism fair in Israel, held annually to provide opportunities for contact between the travel companies and tourism sector of Israeli, and the international community.

Attending the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Do Minh Hung said that Israel is a small but potential market, especially the Israeli people are very sympathetic and increasingly interested in Vietnam as a destination. Moreover, local authorities also support the expansion of tourism cooperation between the two countries. 

According to Ambassador Hung, to further promote Vietnam's tourism image, tourism businesses need to be more proactive and creative in their tourism marketing.

At the fair, Ms. Mai Huong, Deputy Director of Ho Guom Travel Company, said that her company participated in the fair with the purpose of introducing and updating Israeli customers about destinations in Vietnam.

In addition, her company also wants to meet traditional partners over the past years and look for new partners in Israel, because many Israeli visitors now go to Vietnam and they are very interested in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, more and more travel agencies want information about Vietnam and regional countries like Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

While Nguyen Khoa Diem, Marketing and Sales Manager of Joymark Travel Co., Ltd said that his company considers Israel a potential market despite its small population and geographical distance. However, Israeli people travel a lot and many people already know Vietnam. 

He also expects that after the fair, through connecting with Israeli partners and meeting with visitors directly, his company will welcome more customers.

The fair was co-organized by Artra Co., Ltd and Israel Tourism Magazine with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. 

On the sidelines of the fair, many seminars and programs for travel companies are also held. This year's fair attracted the participation of businesses from more than 40 countries and territories with nearly 265 booths./.