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The eco camp allows participants to experience green tourism, equip them with necessary skills and knowledge, and inspires the participants to spread green tourism to the public.

Participated in the five-day and four-night eco camp at Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, 35 excellent youth, aged from 18-28 years old, were chosen from approximately 400 candidates throughout Vietnam. They are from companies, youth unions, youth organizations, and university students.

At Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, the campers experienced green tourism activities with experts from Gaia Nature Conservation and Bidoup Nui Ba National Park. They experienced the tropical forest to learn about endangered trees and plants, as well as how biodiversity is important to human beings. The campers also practiced environmental and nature-friendly behaviours throughout the trip, such as picking up garbage, or using organic products while camping in the forest. Through visiting and talking with local people in Dakbla village about forest protection, the campers learnt about K’Ho ethnic minority. Gaia experts also help the campers to learn about green tourism, skills to communicate green tourism to the public and useful social skills.

At the end of the eco camp, the participants planted approximately 100 forest trees of nine species, including endangered ones such as Krempf’s Pine, Maple and Dacrycarpus imbricatus. The campers also picked up garbage at Da Lat market and Lam Vien square in Da Lat city, in order to raise awareness of the public on garbage issues.

After the eco camp, each camper will conduct one communications plan to encourage people to travel green. This is a part of the campaign entitled “Green Moving and Experiencing”. The campaign aims at raising awareness of the public on green tourism. Various activities will be conducted, such as a talk music shows, contests, practical event, and social media posts.

“I have three words to describe this eco camp of new, interesting, and useful. This is the first time I and my 34 young friends have shared the experience of eating, living, playing, and learning together at Bidoup Nui Ba National Park. The eco camp is totally interesting as it made me feel super cool discovering the special tropical forest. Observing ancient trees of 400, 600 and 1300 years old, I almost cried, being so touched,” shared Ms. Ha Ngoc Do, 21 years old, a camper in the program.

“The eco camp is useful as we learnt necessary skills to use a map and compass while trekking the forest, and especially how to travel green and make your trip a green tourism activity. I also learnt leadership skills and conducted tests to learn about myself. I hope that Gaia could conduct similar camps in the future so that more and more youth like me could practice green tourism, and thus saving the nature of Vietnam,” she added.

The eco camp was finely developed by Ms. Do Thi Thanh Huyen, Founder & Executive Director of Gaia Nature Conservation, who has been working on environmental education for over 18 years.

“All nature and culture experiences at the camps were designed carefully in order to create an excellent green tourism experience. We focus on providing new experience, new knowledge and inspiring the campers so that they are able to act for nature. I strongly believe that the excellent campers will become models for green traveling and together, we can create a truly green tourism community, for the nature of Vietnam,” she said.

Gaia is working to multiply green tourism in society, in order to protect nature and the environment. Gaia is looking forward to having companies, organizations and individuals join in spreading green tourism and contributing to a green, clean and beautiful Vietnam./. 

Bich Lien