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These activities will show cultural specific values of the Vietnamese ethnic community; vividly reflect the process of 35 years of implementing renovation, 30 years of implementing the Platform for national construction in the transition period to socialism, 10 years of implementing of the Socio-Economic Development Strategy (2011-2020), results of 5 years of implementing the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress and 5-year socio-economic development plan (2015-2020); and praise the love for the country, the Party, the beloved Uncle Ho; demonstrate the will to protect the sovereignty over sea and islands, the borders of the Fatherland.

Activities will be organized according to three phases. The first phase is from January 2020 to the completion of province-level party congresses by October 31st, 2020. The second is after province-level party congresses to the 13th National Party Congress. The last is right after the 13th National Party Congress.

The events will help cadres, party members and local people understand more about the significance, importance, policies, guidelines and orientations of the 13th National Party Congress. This will create unity of thought and action, consensus in society; contribute to consolidating and fostering people's confidence in the Party; practically bring resolutions of Party congresses at all levels for the 2020-2025 term and Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress in daily life./.