Accordingly, Party Congresses at grassroots levels will start from March 15th, 2020, while at district and higher levels will start from June 2020 and be completed before August 31st, 2020. Exemplary Party Congresses at grassroots level will be completed before March 1st, 2020 and before May 1st, 2020 for the higher level.

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So, time is not long so preparation work is very urgent. During that time, executive boards of Party Committees at all levels and party members have to perform many important tasks such as building documents, developing personnel projects for new executive boards of Party Committees, commenting on draft political reports to send to higher levels, carrying out works to welcome congress, and arranging jobs for officials who do not participate in the re-election. That process requires very active participation of all party members.

The Party Congress is a very important institution, which both reviews the implementation of the tasks of the previous term, and sets out directions for the new term and elects a new leadership mechanism to implement that direction and other tasks. It also elects delegates to attend the Party Congress at higher level. The National Party Congress also discusses the principles of the Party's activities and strategic directions in building, developing and defending the country.

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Therefore, it is necessary to promote the role and responsibility of all party members in participating in organizing the Party Congress. Each party member should actively participate in the preparation work.

The preparation is usually assigned to a group or some individuals, however, party members who are not assigned can still take part in contributing to draft documents and personnel projects, as well as preparing ideas to deliver at the congress. Because the issues decided at the congress can have a great influence on the development of localities, agencies and units.

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Building the documents, which are conducted by a subcommittee or a group, is often consulted by many party members in many ways. At grassroots levels, documents of party committees are often transferred to each party member for comments 2-3 times. This process aims to promote the collective intelligence and responsibility of each party member. Therefore, each party member should study and contribute their ideas positively and responsibly to draft the most complete document.

For personnel work, party members should introduce personnel who are capable, good quality, and meet the standards of a member of an executive board of a Party Committee.

In addition, party members should also pay attention to grasping the ideology and mood of officials and party members in their agencies, units and public opinion on issues related to Party Congress at their level or higher levels. Thereby, it is necessary to promptly reflect to the competent authorities about what they have recorded so as to have appropriate handling measures, in order to help the successful Party Congress./.