“Public hand washing sink” project is carried out in 16 communes and towns of An Duong district

Implementing the Youth Month Plan 2020, the Youth Union of An Duong district Police has carried out the project "Public hand washing sink" placed in markets and residential areas in the locality. The significant work aims to join hands to prevent, control and limit the spread of COVID-19 during the epidemic.

“In the district, there are only markets supplying basic necessities. These markets gather many small businesses and people, so the Youth Union of the district police have decided to carry out public hand washing sink project in 16 communes and towns in the district,” said Mr. Vu Hai Son, Secretary of the Youth Union of the An Duong district Police.

These sinks are placed in markets and COVID-19 checkpoints

“In order to ensure effectiveness and form, the youth union takes advantage of used tires from automobile garages in the locality. Accordingly, it contributes to environmental protection but low cost. It takes about 100,000 VND to complete a hand washing sink and the stages are carried out by youth union members,” added Mr. Son.

With a minimal cost, nice hand washing sinks are all equipped with soap and dry hand liquid to serve the people.

In the morning of March 31st, the first hand washing sinks were transferred to Luong Quan market, COVID-19 control post in Nam Son commune and Trang Due market in Le Loi commune.

They are made from used tires

“Disinfecting hands amid the epidemic outbreak is very important but for traders, dirty hands are inevitable. The young people helping to install hand washing sinks here are really helpful to us at this time,” a small trader in Trang Due market shared while washing her hands.

Not only placed in markets, hand washing sinks are also installed at COVID-19 checkpoints.

It takes only 100,000 VND to make a hand washing sink

"We ensure the safety of the force doing their task at COVID-19 checkpoints and the people passing through the checkpoints. They are not only medically checked, but also wash their hands and disinfect to ensure their sanitation," Mr. Son said.

On this occasion, the executive board of the Kien Thuy district Youth Union also makes cloth face masks to present households in difficult circumstance in the district. 

Hand washing sinks are all equiped with soap and dry hand liquid

First hand washing sinks are completed

Small traders washing their hands

It is also placed at COVID-19 checkpoints 

Youth union members of Kien Thuy district are making cloth face masks to present to households in difficult circumstance.

BTA (Photo: tienphong.vn)