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Canadian newspaper praises Vietnam’s COVID-19 fight achievements
The daily newspaper The Globe and Mail, one of the most prestigious newspapers in Canada, on May 27th ran an article praising Vietnam for having no COVID-19 fatalities.
German press praises Vietnam’s effective COVID-19 prevention strategy
17:54 03/04/2020
With over 200 cases positive for COVID-19, the number is remarkably less than that in a majority of Vietnam’s neighbouring countries, with no fatality so far, while Vietnam has met a lot of obstacles in terms of limited budget, high population density and some weaknesses in the medical system.
Miss Austria changes avatar photo to spread Vietnam’s original value
19:50 02/04/2020
Miss Austria Silvia Schachermayer has changed her avatar photo on her Facebook page to include the logo of the Vietnam Ancestral Global Day in response to the project.
US vows to stand together with Vietnam in COVID-19 fight: Ambassador
19:27 01/04/2020
The US will stand together with Vietnam in the fight against COVID-19, said US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink in a clip posted on the embassy’s Facebook page on March 31st.
US businesses support and appreciate Vietnamese Government’s COVID-19 prevention
19:11 01/04/2020
The new survey results published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi on March 31st of the American Business Community in Vietnam on the impact of COVID-19 showed that US businesses always support and appreciate the Vietnamese Government in the fight against the disease.
Vietnamese people's confidence in Government’s response to COVID-19 highest worldwide: German survey
10:19 01/04/2020
Up to 62 percent of respondents in Vietnam say that their government is doing “right amount” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the biggest public survey on COVID-19 conducted by the Berlin-based Dalia Research.
WEF speaks highly of Vietnam’s COVID-19 containment
10:09 01/04/2020
"Vietnam shows how you can contain COVID-19 with limited resources" is the title of an article by senior writer Sean Fleming published on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website on March 30th.
Foreign tourist appreciates after leaving Vietnam’s quarantine area
20:17 31/03/2020
After completing their 14-day quarantine period, 15 Romanian tourists left the quarantine area at Hoi An Beach Resort on March 27th.
Foreign press hails Vietnam’s efforts in COVID-19 fight
19:56 31/03/2020
The relentless efforts by the Vietnamese Government and people in the fight against COVID-19 over the recent past have been recognised many newspapers and experts around the world.
Norwegian’s handwritten letter expresses thanks to Vietnamese health workers after time in isolation
15:23 28/03/2020
Mr. Stian Wiik, a Norwegian, sent a handwritten letter expressing his gratitude to health workers who cared for him during his time in isolation in Vietnam’s southern province of Ba Ria -Vung Tau.