• Vietnam in foreigners' eyes  

Improvements of Vietnam’s foreign investment attraction appreciated
David Jarkulisch, a famous economic diplomat from the Czech Republic, recently published an article confirming Vietnam’s active changes as reflected in revised Investment Law, in order to create conditions for attracting and increasing the efficiency of foreign investment in economic development.
Non Nuoc Cao Bang listed among Top 50 world’s best views
10:22 23/07/2020
The Business Insider newspaper on July 21st announced 50 destinations with spectacular views, which are recognized as the most outstanding among the wonders and fascinating natural landscapes around the world.
Vietnam leads in health diplomacy
09:21 22/07/2020
The thanks from countries including the US, China, Italy, Spain, Japan and the others, to Vietnam for presenting medical equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic while the country is also in need show that Vietnam is a generous and reliable friend to countries around the world.
Vietnam an invaluable member of ASEAN Community: Philippine Ambassador
09:12 22/07/2020
Vietnam is an invaluable member of the ASEAN Community and has actively shepherded a number of important initiatives and led efforts that continue to enrich the ASEAN agenda and experience, Permanent Representative of the Philippines to ASEAN Ambassador Noel Servigon told the Vietnam News Agency's reporter in Jakarta.
Australian institute lauds Vietnam’s low-cost COVID-19 combat model
09:58 18/07/2020
The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) has published an article hailing Vietnam’s low-cost model of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
Vietnamese national parks on US newspaper
17:06 17/07/2020
Reporter Stephen Nash from New York Times studies the beauty of langurs, bears and turtles at the Cuc Phuong and Tam Dao national parks.
Vietnam - US relations gain impressive progress: Russian expert
23:41 14/07/2020
President of the Ho Chi Minh Institute at Saint Petersburg National University in the Russian Federation, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Kolotov, gave an interview with the Vietnam News Agency correspondent on the progress in Vietnam-US relations.
Patient 91 – symbol of Vietnam’s pandemic success
09:02 14/07/2020
After Patient 91 was discharged from the hospital and on the plane to return home on July 11th, major media around the world simultaneously reported on this event. UK-based Reuters assessed “Virus-free UK pilot, symbol of Vietnam’s pandemic success, to return home”.
Patient 91 recovers, Vietnam praised by foreign media
08:46 14/07/2020
British pilot Stephen Cameron, known as patient 91, became the focus of media attention because his was the most serious case of COVID-19 in Vietnam that doctors had to focus their efforts on treating him.
Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls honoured by foreign media
08:43 14/07/2020
Vietnam is widely considered to have one of the best food cultures in the world. Among the delicious Vietnamese cuisines on offer nationwide, Goi Cuon is a particularly popular snack in the south.