The handshake symbol showing the message of peace hanging around Hanoi

He stressed that Hanoi was chosen as the venue for the second summit between US President Donald Trump and DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un after the first event in Singapore in June 2018 because Vietnam is no longer a low-income country but is aiming to become a relatively high-income country and this is a typical success of economics.

According to Vietnam News Agency, the expert added that the hosting also demonstrated the country’s ability of creating an ideal negotiating space for countries.

In addition, the host of Hanoi also shows a stable nation with ensured security and full security management capacity; thereby foreign investors can believe that Vietnam is a trusted investment destination.

He believed that Vietnam will attract much attention by organizing the event, with thousands of cameras from around the world eying Vietnam. This is an effective promotion of the image of landscapes and people of Vietnam to international friends./.

Phuong Lan