The picture is a boat on the Huong (Perfume) River crossing the ancient capital, Hue.

“Vietnam has been lauded as a coronavirus-battling success story in Asia. Domestic travel is thriving and there are imminent plans to begin welcoming foreigners from countries that have contained the virus,” the article said.

“From the northern highlands to the mouth of the Mekong, the topography of Vietnam is as multifaceted as its population and history. Yet, Central Vietnam has a stride of its own. Between the ancient capital of Hue and the modern economic powerhouse of Danang, Central Vietnam has an evolving identity,” says Faulk.

These are some of the photos taken during his visit to Vietnam in 2018. He added that central Vietnam is where he would like to return.

 “Women sort fresh seafood at sunrise.”


“Woman on porch in rural village.”
 “Kids claim much of the countryside as playground.”


 “Colorful roofing reclaimed by a lush lagoon.”


A peaceful moment in the Hoi An ancient city


The shape of ancient houses after rain


 “A vendor in Hoi An’s market.”


“Cao lau, a Central Vietnam staple.”

Source: Travel and Leisure (Photos: Andrew Faulk)