A photo cut from the clip (Photo: tuoitre.vn)

Mr. Rory Allen asserted that, though the clip is just two minutes, encourage travelers to book tickets to Vietnam.

The video, titled “Vietnam: Land of the Dragon”, contains satisfactory scenes of a trip from the Southern region to the Northern region of Rory and his girlfriend, from September to October last year.

The couple departed from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc Island then flew to Hanoi, visited Cat Ba Island and then traveled along the coast to go to Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An before returning to Ho Chi Minh City to finish their journey.

On his personal website, Rory said that Vietnam is an extremely impressive country in both visual and cultural fields.

"This is also a cheap destination for tourism, even if you use Rand, the currency of South Africa (USD1 = 13,3 rand)," he wrote.

The artist said that what impressed him most in Vietnam was the motorcycles.

"You can visualize how motorcycles are in Vietnam through this video, but it is difficult to explain exactly how many motorcycles were constantly running around me when there," Rory recalled.

The author advises international visitors to rent motorbikes to drive by themselves to be able to experience more, and he doesn’t forget to tell about his unforgettable experience when driving in a thunderstorm in a place far from his lodging.

Rory is also particularly fond of islands and natural scenery of Vietnam, and is extremely impressed with the "thrilling tourist area" of Ho Thuy Tien in Hue.

Vietnamese food is another highlight that Rory wants to introduce to international visitors. "The street food looks scary, but it's really wonderful," he said.

Rory's secret for choosing food is this: "If you see local people eat that dish, it's delicious."

However, the three-week trip across Vietnam had inevitable difficulties. The challenges the couple faced were very diversified, including the emergency evacuation from Cat Ba Island because of a storm, having to bargain many times when they want to buy something, being ill for some days, and finally getting a super- fast bus with wifi, then learning that everything is not as  advertised.

Rory also said the above things were not problems, because travel is an experience and you have to accept everything, no matter what it is.

“And my experience with Vietnam is great," he concluded./.