The Board of Directors and the guest of honor of the
 New World Manila Bay Hotel cut bread in a ceremony
 to introduce Vietnamese dishes. (Photo:

Director of the five-star New World Manila Bay hotel in the Philippines was surprised when international visitors were extremely interested in the five Vietnamese dishes, which have been listed in the menu of the hotel since September 1st.

Mr. Azmi Dahlan, Director of the kitchen and bar of the New World Manila Bay hotel, said he had invited two chefs of Mr. Tran Van Dong and Ms. Tran Thanh Thuy from Ho Chi Minh city to Manila to introduce and promote Vietnamese dishes at the restaurant of the hotel.

He said that Vietnamese dishes were gentle and healthy with fresh vegetables and less oil. It isn’t too salty or too sweet.

He likes Vietnamese dishes because he lived and worked in Ho Chi Minh city for four years. “I have eaten various Vietnamese and Thai dishes, which include many spices and herbs, good for health. I like citronella and fish sauce, thus I prefer Vietnamese dishes to Thai one.”

Mr. Azmi also loves Vietnamese coffee.

Apart from noodle soup, pancakes, spring rolls, bread and coffee, Mr. Azmi Dahlan will consider to add some other unique Vietnamese dishes, suitable with the taste of Filipino and international dinners of the hotel./.