A photo posted on the UAE's Al-Arabiya Arabic website (Photo: vov.vn)

According to the Vietnam Radio Station, the article on the Al-Arabiya Arabic website applauds the strict quarantine measures carried out by the government of Vietnam on tens of thousands of Vietnamese citizens returning home from abroad to avoid the epidemic, widespread in Europe and the US. It highly appreciates the prevention efforts of the Vietnamese government, noting that they have received both praise and co-operation from citizens and have served as a way of keeping the number of infections at a lower level than neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia.

Most notably, Vietnam has recorded no deaths caused by COVID-19 and is also enjoying an infection rate lower than other regional nations, with the exception of Myanmar and Laos. In addition, the article also publishes photos featuring the efforts to halt the epidemic being carried out by the Vietnamese people.

In addition, the article published on the Moroccan website Hespress also lauds Vietnam's initiatives in fighting against the pandemic, stating that the Southeast nation had been early taking various preventive measures, as well as providing its citizens with clear, transparent information regarding the ongoing situation.

According to the article, these preventive measures have ultimately contributed to limiting the spread of the epidemic and the country’s success was to recognise the severity of the crisis early, whilst also giving the public up-to-date information and applying successful models to respond to the global crisis in a rapid and effective manner./.