Vietnamese grilled meat rolls in Thailand (Photo: Tapchiquehuong)

Ho Van Lam, President of the Thailand, Vietnam Businessperson Association who brought the dish to Thailand, said that making nem nuong is his family’s generation-to-generation dish before expanding the restaurants, with a hope to bring Vietnamese food in general and nem nuong in particular to customers across Thailand.

He said that he puts the quality of the dish at top priority, in order to develop the restaurants to other provinces and cities.

In Udon Thani, a province in northeast Thailand, VT Namnueng brand is loved by many customers and becomes a familiar address for those who want to learn about Vietnamese cuisine.

VT Namnueng restaurant with an area of 1,800 square meters is located on the busiest road in Udon Thani province. Not only famous in Udon Thani, VT Namnueng has developed the system of shops in 39 provinces and cities in Thailand, contributing to spreading Vietnamese food culture in this country.

Grilled meat rolls are made from a combination of many different ingredients, including pork, fresh vegetables and many other ingredients. All are required to be fresh. In addition, the sauce, which is adjusted to suit Thai customers’ taste, contributes to make the dish more attractive.

The dish of Ho Van Lam’s family is welcomed by Thai people and overseas Vietnamese in this country as indispensable part and a main dish in festivals’ and conferences’ meals. In particular, the Thai royal family members also love the dish and order it in important events./.

Compiled by BTA