Detiknews: Vietnam has its own strategy in COVID-19 prevention with low cost and high success, praised by the whole world.

On April 5th, journalist Lius Tedju of Kompas newspaper wrote an article saying that Vietnam is the best COVID-19 fighting country in ASEAN, despite its proximity with China where the disease first broke out. 

Entitled “What Vietnam does to handle COVID-19 is admirable”, the article praised Vietnam's medical measures over other countries with stronger health facilities such as Singapore, Thailand or Malaysia. The author of the article expressed his impression that Vietnam had not recorded any deaths and the cure rate in Vietnam was 37.5%.

According to the author, this success is brought about by the rapid and timely response of the Vietnamese Government. The article also said that Indonesia and ASEAN countries need to learn how the country with one ruling Party mobilizes maximum coordination between the military, police and all departments and social classes to get involved in the disease control effort.

Meanwhile, Kompas Television broadcast the reportage “Good news from Vietnam: There were no new cases of new Coronavirus, no deaths, what did they do?”.

The report mentions that since the first case was reported during the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, Vietnam has so far recorded only 240 cases, with 90 having recovered and none being fatal. 

The reportage listed the steps of the Vietnamese Government to prevent COVID-19, such as keeping social distance; people working and studying at home; suspending flight routes, prohibiting entry of visitors from the infected areas, and stopping public transportation. In addition, the report also praised Vietnam's health practices as being proactive and consistent under the direction of the Government and at the request of the World Health Organization (WHO).  

Meanwhile, Lampung Post newspaper (Lampung Post) quoted the speech of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc saying that every citizen is a soldier on the front of epidemic prevention; and every ward, commune, village, hamlet, and even every family, is a fortress. 

Receiving information from the Indonesian Embassy in Vietnam, Antara News Agency reported no Indonesian nationals have been infected with COVID-19 in Vietnam, although 4 Indonesian nationals are in isolation. According to Antara, the number of COVID-19 cases in Vietnam has been curbed at 2 cases per 1 million people.

Earlier, the Indonesian Government spokesman specializing in COVID-19 also said that Indonesia needs to learn from Vietnam in preventing the spread of the disease./.


Compiled by BTA