National flags of the DPRK, the US and Vietnam attached to a plaque with a friendship symbol of handshake are decorating many streets downtown Hanoi. (Photo: VNA)

In their coverage, both Nikkei Asian Review and Japan Today websites quoted US President Donald Trump as saying on his Twitter: "Vietnam is thriving like few places on earth."

Meanwhile, in its highlight column, Japanese Sankei website said that with its unbiased stand, the hosting of the summit by Vietnam has affirmed that the country's wishes to contribute to peace and stability of the world.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Nikkei newspaper described the hosting of the summit as a good chance for Vietnam to promote its tourism as the event drew over 3,000 foreign journalists.

The Czech media gave wide coverage of the second DPRK-USA Summit, with praises for Vietnam’s role in organising the event.

Major news outlet such as the Czech News Agency (CTK), the Blesk newspaper, the and news websites noted that the selection of the venue for the summit was very important which must be acceptable for both sides.

According to Alex Svamberk, a journalist and analyst of international affairs, the role and position of Vietnam have become known worldwide as the meeting between the DPRK Chairman Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump attracts special international attention. The organization of the meeting proves that Vietnam is capable of making active contributions to major international issues, of which the Korean peninsula is among the most complicated and prolonged ones.

In a statement released after the summit concluded on February 28th, the the Republic of Korea’s Presidential Office (Blue House) said the RoK regretted that the two sides were unable to reach an agreement, however they have made the most meaningful progress of their talks so far.

That the US President expressed his willingness to continue talks will brighten the prospects for another summit, the statement said.

The same day, the RoK’s Democratic Party (DP) expressed the hope that the two leaders could meet again soon after the second summit in Hanoi.

The Liberty Korea Party (LKP) expressed its regret that the two sides could not reach an agreement, but hoped that talks on denuclearisation in the Korean Peninsula will be resumed at the earliest time./.