On the occassion of the First Economic Committee Meeting in Nha Trang city, reporter of the Communist Party of Vietnam  Online Newspaper interviewed Mr. Carlos Kuriyama  and Mr. Luis Tsuboyama, Chargé D'Affires E.P. Embassy of Peru, on their feel on Nha Trang city.

Reporter: How do you feel in Nha Trang and can you compare to other tourist places in the world?

Mr. Luis Tsuboyama: Its a very beautiful place, I didn't expect this. Its well above my expectations, very beautiful, you can see the beach, the islands, the mountains. Its people are very nice, and I love the food here. Every day I walk or run along the coastline – its very beautiful. 

Mr. Carlos Kuriyama: Its like this is the Hawaii of Vietnam! I think its too beautiful, because – we don't want to work, its very hard to focus on our work! 

Mr. Carlos Kuriyama is answering the reporter. (Photo: Khac Kien)
Reporter: Have you travelled to other tourist places in Nha Trang such as the Thap Ba towers or Hon Chong Island?

Mr. Carlos Kuriyama: Not yet, because we've been working a lot. So the only things that I've done is to run along the coastline, and I went to Nha Trang Point. But I want to go to Ponagar and all the other tourist places.

Reporter: Is this the first time you've come to Nha Trang?

Mr. Carlos Kuriyama: First time in Nha Trang. I've been to Vietnam before, but never here. 

Mr. Luis Tsuboyama: My second time in Nha Trang city.

Mr. Luis Tsuboyama, the delegate of Peru. (Photo: Khac Kien)
Reporter: And do you travel to other places?

Mr. Luis Tsuboyama: No, every time I come for work, so its very hard to go to other places, as my friend says. I would like to visit other places, but I can’t. I hope next time I will have more time to spend and just come to relax and enjoy the beach and the sun, and the food!

Reporter: How about Vietnamese cuisine, and Nha Trang’s cuisine?

Mr. Carlos Kuriyama: I like it – I've been eating a lot of soups, the Phở, also I've been eating a lot of chicken with basil, and fish. Yeah, its good, I like it.

Mr. Luis Tsuboyama: I think the good thing about Nha Trang is that you face the sea, and so you have all different kinds of seafood products. So I've been enjoying this with my friends and colleagues all these kinds of dishes prepared with seafood products – you are very lucky to have that! 

Reporter: Thank you very much!

Khac Kien