VinFast presents its first made-in-Vietnam car in its Hai Phong factory on March 7th, 2019. (Photo: Vingroup)

In a special program on the Vietnamese economy which aims to study the impressive development of Vietnam, the television mentioned VinFast as a contribution to help the Vietnamese economy rise globally. 

The program took the images of two VinFast LUX cars that left great impression in one of the largest automobile exhibitions of the world, Paris Motor Show 2018, calling VinFast “challenger” of the world automobile sector. VinFast cars are expected to be exported to the world, in particular to the US, the program commented. 

According to RTS, since its initial steps into the world automobile industry, VinFast “shakes hands” with giant brands such as BMW, Pininfarina, Magna, AVL, Boss and Siemens, helping the Vietnamese automaker develop its products and be confident to become the first Vietnamese automobile brand to export cars to the world market. 

“Our vision is to become a global brand,” RTS quoted Ms Nguyen Thi Van Anh, VinFast Vice Director.  

RTS also noted that before exporting cars to the world market, made-in-Vietnam cars had received great support from the domestic market. In the 6 months since its debut, VinFast won over 17,000 orders with 3 models. 

In its report, RTS broadcasted a VinFast modern 335-hectare factory in Hai Phong, with the synchronous and closed production process, using automation with thousands of robots. 

In particular, VinFast has the first and only workshop in Vietnam that can produce engines meeting European standards, confirming that Vietnam really can produce and master the key part of the automobile industry. 

“VinFast is invested with a huge capital of up to USD3 billion,” RTS program commented, adding that VinFast also has strong human resources coming from all parts of the world, owns a supportive industry area and a training center, looking towards sustainable production. 

RTS stressed that Vingroup, the owner of VinFast, was initiated and operated by Pham Nhat Vuong, the richest Vietnamese billionaire worth USD10 billion. After the group’s success in real estate, retail and tourism, it has invested in technologies and industry, and VinFast is its most important project.

The special program on the Vietnamese economy belongs to the series Toutes Taxes Comprise of the RTS with senior M.C Patrick Fischer. The famous program in French language has been broadcast in Switzerland many times, on France’s largest television channel TV5MONDE, and for the French speaking community all over the world./.

Compiled by BTA