The US business community in Vietnam appreciates the Vietnamese Government’s efforts in COVID-19 prevention. (Photo:

The survey focused on how COVID-19 affects businesses’ revenue, labor and employment, and GDP growth.

AmCham CEO Adam Sitkoff emphasized that the US businesses had shown their great support and appreciation for the Vietnamese Government in ensuring the safety for all people in this crisis. “A majority of businesses agreed that the Vietnamese Government is doing efficient work,” he said.

Earlier, in a letter to the Vietnamese Government on March 30th, the foreign business associations in Vietnam expressed their support and appreciation for the Government's efforts to ensure safety for all people by fighting COVID-19.

Representatives from the Australia, New Zealand, US, India, Canada, Thailand, United Kingdom and Malaysia business associations in Vietnam pledged to comply with the regulations of the Vietnamese Government in ensuring people’s safety, including recommendations on keeping cleanliness, isolating, wearing face masks and immediately reporting health condition with local authorities, and other regulations.

In addition, the businesses committed to spend time or donate money for the prevention and control of OVID-19; donate blood or medical devices; assist vulnerable people; not gather in large groups of people or have inappropriate behaviour during COVID-19 prevention; and minimize social interaction.

Foreign businesses expressed their desire to do everything they can to support COVID-19 prevention in Vietnam, affirming that they are willing to stand side by side with Vietnamese people to overcome this challenging period./.

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