As of May 25th, Vietnam went through 39 days with no COVID-19 infections among communities. (Photo: CPV)

According to Politio, COVID-19 has spread to many countries all over the world at different times and each country has its own response depending on its political, economic and healthcare system.

The ranking lies on statistics regarding infection situation, number of fatalities, GDP, unemployment rate, as well as the Government’s preventive measures.

Among 30 countries, Vietnam was ranked the most successful with only 325 infections and no fatalities among some 95 million people as of May 24th (Vietnam time). It is forecast to obtain an increase of 2.7% in GDP in 2020.

According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, as of May 25th morning, the world recorded over 5.5 million COVID-19 cases, with over 346,700 fatalities./.

Compiled by BTA