Kim Phea, Director of the Cambodian International Relations Institute (Photo: VOV)

He made the statement during an interview with the Voice of Vietnam (VOV). 

Talking about Vietnam’s increasingly important role in the region as well as in the international arena, he clarified that firstly, Vietnam helps ASEAN countries to complete phase 1 of the ASEAN community building strategy. Secondly, Vietnam plays an important role in resolving ASEAN's common issues in order to build a positive community, thus attracting the attention of major world powers, making them consider ASEAN an important partner in the region and in the world. And thirdly, this year, Vietnam is undertaking a very good role as ASEAN Chair. In particular, with the serious human and property losses caused by COVID-19 in the region and in the world, Vietnam, as ASEAN Chair, has taken many measures and effective COVID-19 disease prevention mechanisms for the whole region. So far, the ASEAN region has been the least affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in the world. In particular, Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia are the best pandemic control countries, with zero fatalities.

Regarding the Cambodia - Vietnam relationship, he confirmed that it is a special brotherhood which can be considered a model for ASEAN. “ASEAN can only be strong when the relationships between ASEAN member countries are good,” he said, adding that Cambodia and Vietnam always support each other’s ideas and proposals, contributing to reinforcing ASEAN unity.

If we talk specifically about Cambodia-Vietnam relations, we see that the two countries always support each other. When Vietnam offers ideas or proposes initiatives and measures in ASEAN and international organizations, it always receives the support of Cambodia and vice versa. It is these bilateral relations that have made an important contribution to strengthening ASEAN.

Mentioning issues in ASEAN, the Cambodian scholar confirmed that it was time for ASEAN member countries to unite together to build a stronger bloc able to confront geopolitical issues of the world./.

Compiled by BTA