Translator Tran Thi Minh Tam
Ms Tam is awarded for her success in extending the reading of Hans Christian Andersen in Vietnam. In the native country of Hans Christian Andersen, people do not completely understand why his fairytales find so many readers in faraway countries like Vietnam. Recently they learned that millions of schoolchildren in Vietnam know the famous Danish poet quite well, with the reason being Ms. Tran Thi Minh Tam.

Her work with Hans Christian Andersen stories has stretched over almost 20 years and has resulted in an impressive fairy tale-edition published in 2003 with 88 fairy tales at first and later 100 fairy tales. In different editions, these collections have since been published in 16 impressions and another impression is coming in 2018.

Ms. Tam’s impressive work means that schools all over Vietnam have been able to work with Hans Christian Andersen stories – and not just read his fairy tales but also use them as inspiration when working with visual arts, music and drama in school. The young people of Vietnam have thus acquired the fairy tales as an entire world for their growing experience.

Besides Ms. Tam, the other award-winners are Dr. Phil. Klaus Müller-Wille (Switzerland) for his ground breaking studies on the material aesthetics of Hans Christian Andersen and Danish singer/composer Sebastian for his interpretations of Hans Christian Andersen for the country’s musical scene.

The Hans Christian Andersen Award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding achievements in working with Hans Christian Andersen and of contributions to promoting and spreading further knowledge of the Danish national poet in many parts of the world.  These works have been expressed in the publication of new translations and publications, in many forms of artistic creativity, in philanthropic or educational activities.

Since 1996 the Hans Christian Andersen Award Committee has presented its Honorary Award to 44 different organizations and individuals from 12 different countries. Ms. Tam is the first Vietnamese to receive this award.

The 2018 Award will be motivated and presented by Denmark’s Minister of Cultural Affairs, Mette Bock, the Mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel and the Committee’s Creative Manager, Christian Have, in a ceremony which is to take place on April 3rd, in the celebrated Danish poet’s native town of Odense./.

Phuong Huyen