VinFast Australia attracts nearly 100 staff who are experienced engineers and experts in the Australian automotive industry. (Photo:

With 25 years of experience at GM Holden, this experienced senior manager still shared his feeling as “overwhelming” in scale and especially the unprecedented growth rate of VinFast of Vietnam.

He shared the feeling of being overwhelmed when he first visited the VinFast factory in Hai Phong. “I was truly amazed. I made a joke to a colleague that I reckon I could fly a Cessna inside the press shop because it was vast. The engine shop is highly professional and has the most advanced manufacturing processes that I have seen anywhere,” he said. “All this had been done on a site that had been little more than wet swamp land only a year earlier. Once I witnessed all of this, I instantly thought I was more than ready for this project.”

Although VinFast has only been operating  less than 3 years since starting the factory, the company has proven its bravery and spectacular development speed. In particular, VinFast received an investment of up to billions of dollars from billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, Vietnam’s richest man, who always dreams of developing a global car company based in Vietnam.

In order to realize this plan, VinFast has officially announced the plan to produce electric cars and is expected to export to the US market by 2021. The establishment of the Automotive Technology Institute in Australia in June is one of the most important strategic steps.

At present, VinFast Australia has recruited nearly 100 native engineers and experts with much experience in the automotive sector. “Almost 100 engineers and other staff have already been drawn from the local car industry. Many of them are ex-Holden employees who moved straight from the GM division that is in the process of being shut down.”

With many years of experience in the automotive sector, Mr. Yardly said, opening a facility in Australia is a necessary step for the automotive company because this is the oldest cradle of the Australian automotive industry.

Sharing the reason why VinFast chose the city of Melbourne for headquarters, Mr. Yardley said, “This area is also being developed as an innovation hub for Australia. Local universities are setting up very significant research facilities in Port Melbourne enabling cutting edge development. A full size wind tunnel is already available for aerodynamic work. In addition, Port Melbourne is also right on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD, making it an ideal location for all possible amenities. Several proving grounds are within easy reach of Port Melbourne, enabling full vehicle testing and development.”

“Currently, all talents, experts as well as facilities remain the same, eligible for a new unit to enter the development of the car from the beginning. The experts and engineers here have a lot of experience developing cars for different markets such as Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia,” Mr. Yardley said.

Talking about VinFast's working culture, Mr. Yardley excitedly said, “At VinFast, decisions are made very quickly. Everyone has a high level of responsibility and there are no ‘safety nets’ to catch you if you make an error. But the speed of strategic moves is breathtaking. I can’t imagine a more exciting place to be.”

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