A field hospital against Covid-19 put into operation in Ho Chi Minh city. (Photo: hochiminhcity.gov.vn)

Accordingly, it appreciated Vietnam’s remarkably increasing ability to address urgent public health issues, including emerging outbreaks of infectious diseases.

It also confirmed that this result had been made possible by many years of investment to improve Vietnam's healthcare capacity, including inspection and evaluation of risks, laboratory capability, prevention and control of bacterial contamination, clinical management, and dissemination of risks.

WHO considers all these factors when assessing the national capability in readiness of responding and controlling urgent health issues.

This capability has been challenged and checked through actual events in Vietnam, including the current Covid-19.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Health’s updates showed that as of 08h00 on February 17th, 71,332 cases of Covid-19 were reported worldwide, with 1,775 fatalities, mainly in China. In Vietnam, 16 patients were confirmed, with no deaths, and 7 of whom have been cured and discharged from hospital./.

Compiled by BTA