After constantly introducing images and trailers with beautiful scenes which were filmed
in Vietnam. Recently, the producer surprised audiences with images of Quang Binh.

 “Kong: Skull island” is in the background of Landsat , a program formed to start utilizing
satellites to map the surface of the Earth.

 “Kong: Skull island” was filmed in three continents, including Australia, Hawaii and Vietnam.

Producer Alex Garcia commented: "Filming in Vietnam with beautiful natural scenery
was a great privilege for our crew. The spectacular scenes here have contributed to a very special backdrop for our story".

During nearly three weeks in Vietnam, the film crew recorded images in a number of
famous sites such as Tu Lan, Phong Nha caves in Quang Binh province; Trang An ecological site;
Tam Coc - Van Long reserve in Ninh BInh province, and Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province.

Filmmaker Vogt-Roberts expressed admiration for the natural beauty of Vietnam, especially scenes in Quang Binh.

…As soon as arrived in Quang Binh, I said “We must film here, we must come to Vietnam”.

He praised the sights of Vietnam as unusual and magnanimous wonders.

This March, the blockbuster on Kong legend “Kong:  Skull island” will be presented
 before the public with impressive scenes in Vietnam.

The film is scheduled for release on March 10th, 2017.

Some scenes were filmed in Quang Binh in the “Kong: Skull island” film

Tan Hoa village

Tu Lan  cave system

Rao Nan river

Hung Ton valley
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