Cai Rang floating market

Standing at 10th position, Can Tho is described as a large city located in the center of networks of canals and rivers.

The total water traffic length of the city is 1,157 km. The Hau river, the biggest branch of Mekong river, runs along the Northern side of the city.

“Apart from immense networks of canals, the floating markets are the main attraction of Can Tho city. The merchant boats down the river offer all varieties of goods,” said Getty Images. 

The famous Cai Rang market is the largest floating market there. Touring floating markets is the best way to get local goods and cultural aspects of the city.

Other canal cities that made the list include Venice (Italy), Birmingham (England), Giethoorn (the Netherlands), Suzhou, Jiangsu province (China), Alleppey, Keral (India), Stockholm (Sweden), Bruges (Belgium), Bangkok (Thailand), and Cape Coral, Florida (the US)./.