The 2019 Indonesian Overseas General Election Committee in Hanoi established in 2018 is in charge for Indonesian Overseas General Election in Hanoi and its surrounding areas that cover 40 out of 63 provinces in Vietnam under the accreditation of the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi. There are 2 (two) voting methods, namely voting directly at the polling station or voting by mail (only for those living far from Hanoi and have limited mobility).

Photo: CPV
In total there are 300 voters registered for 2019 overseas general election in which 265 of them are registered to come directly to polling station while 35 people voted by post.  Until the closing of polling station at 6 pm on April 14th, 200 voters have used their right to vote and 28 voters have sent back the ballot by postal service to the committee.

After casting their vote, Indonesian citizens gathered and enjoyed  Indonesian speciality food like (Bakso) meat ball and Somay (fish cake with peanut sauce). Indonesian Ambassador to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam  H.E. Ibnu Hadi stressed that the election held in the Embassy is also a means to strengthen the sense of belonging and friendship among Indonesian citizens in Hanoi.

Photo: CPV
Indonesian Overseas General Election is the effort of the Indonesian Government to guarantee the right to vote for all Indonesian citizens even though they live abroad.  As the third largest democratic country in the world, Indonesian law guarantee the right to vote as part of human right.

2019 Indonesian general election is the first election in Indonesia in which voters can vote for President, Vice President and the House of Representative Members at the same day.  There are two pairs of President and Vice President candidates, namely the incumbent President Joko Widodo with Ma’aruf Amin as Vice President  and  former General Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno as the other President and Vice President candidate./.

Khac Kien