Rescue forces transport relief to people stranded in flooded areas of Yuanjang,
Hunan province, China on July 4th. (Photo: AFP)

Rain-water inundates the roof in a street in Loudi, Hunan province. (Photo: AFP)

Riding rubber boats through shops inundated with water in Liuzhou, Guangxi.
Dozens were killed by floods in South China on July 2nd (Photo: Chinatopix)

Cars damaged due to natural disasters, under the bridge after a flood in Quanzhou,
Guilin, Guangxi on July 2nd. (Photo: Reuters)

Rescue Loudi City, Hunan province (Photo: EPA)

According to the Hunan authorities, about 53,000 houses collapsed,
and nearly 350,000 houses have been severely damaged after
11 consecutive rainy days in early July. (Photo: EPA)

At least 63 Chinese people were killed by landslides and collapsed houses,
while over 20 others are missing. (Photo: Xinhua)

In Guangxi province, at least 26 people were killed and eight others missing. (Photo: Tasnim)

Torrential rains started on July 1st, leaving 13 municipalities of the
Guangxi Autonomous Region flooded, according to CCTV. (Photo: Tasnim)

At least 1.9 million people in Guangxi province are affected by floods, of which 
185,000 people have been evacuated. (Photo: Tasnim)

China is often hit by typhoons. The most severe floods that occurred in 1931 killed
an estimated 140,000 to one million people. (Photo: Tasnim)

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