(Photo: AFP)

58 people are presumed dead. The number was based on reports from the public, and warned the total could rise again.

It includes 30 deaths that already have been confirmed, and reports of people who are missing and presumed to have been killed.

Prime Minister Theresa May admitted that support for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire “was not good enough” after the Metropolitan police said 58 people are missing and presumed dead in the wake of the disaster in west London.

She described the fire as an “unimaginable tragedy for the community, and for our country”

The fire began before 01h00 on June 14th. 40 fire engines and at least 200 firefighters, along with 20 ambulance crews, had been called to the blaze in the tower which has 120 flats.   

The 27-storey tower is managed by the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation on behalf of the council.

Witness could hear screaming from the upper floors as the flames rose and one desperate resident could be seen waving a white cloth.

The apartment block was built in 1974./.

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