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Thai Gov’t working to achieve 4 percent GDP growth
The Thai government is working to ensure the country will achieve a 4-percent GDP growth as forecast by the National Economics and Social Development Board (NESDB), said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.
Australia to host ASEAN special summit in 2018
10:53 24/02/2017
Australia is scheduled to host the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit in 2018, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on February 23rd.
Israeli PM Netanyahu visits Singapore
17:43 21/02/2017
On February 20th, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA) announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would visit Singapore from February 20th – 21st.
Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop visits US
17:30 21/02/2017
On February 20th, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop began her official visit to the U.S.
Cambodia approves amended law on political parties
17:22 21/02/2017
The National Assembly (NA) of Cambodia approved an amended Law on Political Parties on February 20th.
93-year-old Zimbabwe President declares 2018 Presidential candidate
18:13 20/02/2017
On February 19th, President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe confirmed his candidacy for the Presidential election expected in mid-2018, when he will be 94 years old.
6.3-magnitude earthquake shakes northern Argentina
18:06 20/02/2017
An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale has struck in northern Argentina, close to the border with Chile.
Admiral Robert Harward appointed National Security Adviser
12:21 19/02/2017
On February 16th, President Donald Trump has offered to retired admiral and former Navy SEAL Robert Harward the position of the next National Security Adviser, after the resignation of Michael T. Flynn.
President Trump picks Acosta for Labour Secretary
12:18 19/02/2017
President Donald Trump has picked Alexander Acosta to replace Mr. Andy Puzder as his choice for Secretary of Labour.
Irish President visits Cuba
12:04 19/02/2017
Irish President Michael Higgins has arrived in Cuba, beginning his official three-day visit.