The event was attended by DABS Chief Executive Officer Mr. Aman Ghalib, ADB Country Director for Afghanistan Mr. Samuel Tumiwa, key government officials, development partners, private sector representatives, and members of the media.

ADB is Afghanistan’s largest development partner in the energy sector with nearly USD2.2 billion in cumulative grant assistance, all of which is on budget.

“ADB is often recognized for the assistance we provide to build Afghanistan’s transmission and distribution systems,” said Mr. Tumiwa. “However, the assistance we provide on energy sector policies, reforms, and institutional capacity development of DABS is even more important because it will ensure the sustainability of the sector. ADB is proud to see DABS developing rapidly. For example, technical losses are going down and billing and collection have improved, thus improving DABS’ financial situation.”

He said ADB is now working to catalyze greater private sector financing in the energy sector. “The future growth and sustainability of the sector will be determined by how successful the government is at attracting private investment. DABS’ sustainability is key to this,” said Mr. Tumiwa.

Afghanistan generates about 25% of its electricity domestically. ADB will support the country’s goal to increase the electrification rate from 30% to 83% and lift the share of domestic generation from 20% to 67% by 2030. ADB also plays a major role in power transmission both regionally and domestically, and promotes clean energy, including through solar power.

“We are honored to have ADB as a key development partner in Afghanistan’s energy sector development,” said Mr. Ghalib. “Energy is one of the government’s priority sectors. The Government of Afghanistan and ADB will continue working closely to develop the energy sector for the improved livelihoods of all Afghans.”